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Wednesday, October 19 2016

do people understand the only kind of people - who will talk about fighting with people - have only done it - ) a couple times in their lives -

you know nothing about reality - in domestic violence nothing at all

if your going to - charge somebody use them -

for - being honest about the fact this is just bot the way it is

not at all somebody is really - provoking and itsnot in the home

not at all _)


these are not the same people

who - live eveery dayof their lives

) knowing

that is not speakable

their are no - )


issues in this

these people know

they aremonsters

who are stupid

and - un equiped to handle

the - truth about why

that is just a cheap tech

their are people

) who get their revenge

IT will cost you so much money

that nobody can trust you anymore

to manage it

their are people who would win for being abused

as an abuser who is not

alot -

) becauswe you force somebody to re live that emergancy every day

your turning them sick

) peiple will - win

they dont have the right idea

and cutting all that fundimng is - advised

the people

who -

are a threat should have been


before they kill somebody

not one murderer i ever met was an abuser

they simply

could not - handle the repetative - petty ness

turns them cold blooded

they have a ptsd episode and their life ends s

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one thing ewas for sure - _ these people was not interested in - woman - _ i do not know what they was - _ it seems like - everything was - fake

somebody who has been married - for - a decade ) is not - going to be a likly target for

femansist hate groups


its going to be somebody who attacks somebody who has been married

for ten years

that is going to be that target

because -

when -

those things - )

about marriage -



go past a - kiss 0

YOU know what this is about

why - is nobody - ) attacking - )

on - that -

they do not have to

) people have been paid big money to

make sure things are

and then -

people turn into animals and - fire bomb -

to do what

to send a message about

hitler -

eassy easy easy

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oracle - _ comes _ - to the point - _ _ how expensive - can - you be _ _ see _ this - is - a problem - - for anything human - they go from - 1000 dollar to 100 thousand

and all somebody wants is - a ) security - that - can answer in real - terms and has - something to insure it self with / oracle is

the company - that should be - a master of security - and this should be - _ more - about - why - their is an actual human - ) verifying your - existances rather then - just the machine thart can - be - mimmicted - and jerked around by written - terms - only

this is why - i cannot help but notice why the only tech that is dealing with people

is a darker - side -

because its not skype - that is - _ handling those people its - _ ) a system - that has never had a virus

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microsoft looses - )_ its not good tech - its underwiritten so it - wont - know when to leavepeople alone - they just can not help themselves - its not - good for people

if every single thing - anything ever did was pre programmed - and pre assumed - i can not imagine it suiting - such a large business of - needs - - -- - - - amazon - tries ) ) ) had the same problem - _ _ _ _ enterprise developments - and - security - _ _ _ are not how - - they seem to think - they get smarter -

) because it - will - just drive people nuts -

and this - is how a few million people all get the same exact thing

and - for the price i think

that is - a bad deal


and - the link - ( it - was directly linked to - msn,com

that - on their server - is -

they have nobody they simply have nobody

) somebody callls me asking me for my windows pin

from micrsoft

and - i have no idea

) how people


talk to somebody who just expects

to be treated like a machine

but that was that

called - their - system all those people that is them that waste of time linked in deal

that software to do it right from the beginijng is avaiable to secure

) they have to spend - some of that

millions and millions

on doing it right

they refuse to now their are all these people trying to

make - some - noise

on all the wrong -


its not a goof experience - the deals got closed - and its a waste of time if its going to be about the cheap -

that system - is always - on - - never turns off - offline or not - its always on - ( seen - windows ten - update - so many timesnow i - dont know - what - this could - be - about - when i am not changing anything

the last machine i had had to re boot - and it would -

transfer all the info to one of their remote servers and i would - have to start all over again

) im the one - who wants to - do this - when - its full _

0 that is not what happens

) and i send - a - faulty hardrive

( to hp ) which - is -


and - i had delt with that also -

for a couple years -

) im - actually trying to improve -

things 0

because the hard drive was under warrenty and was only 11 months old - that was - all the way back to windows 7 _

now windows seven is used - by many many companines as a corperate - )

those people knew what they was doing

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i get the impression - people - do not understand - who - google - is - ) or who - these search engines are and how many - clones exist of the original - control panel that host the - .gov .edu - . - com- the firsts sources

(see your credit card co - does that - not - them see ) its not about this bs single line of code is all they could protect other wise its compromising - your life being a third party when it should be coming direct to you from the real co

this radio ad - xaps off with life lock _

while - chatting with a neighbor the mail man delivers a class action settlement check - from life lock - for a wopping 20 bucks

just like the - strait talk - issue

these people - dont do anything


its - the least they could do is pay people back for what that worthless tool

cost them

the day you happen to see that complete stanger in some sweat pants and a tshirt you dont - want that kind of - impression - about why

) they just -

) got - what - people -

wanted - - done -

as do i - 0

knowing - -

( this is awful _

) nobody is going to teach me its a 90 dollar an hour job

and i can not - imagine why

) nobody does this stuff


what i know - is - they wont pay for it ) they can not afford it - and they can not justify - why - people - can move on - , not with - somebody who - had no idea what it was in charge ) i think that is awful

it is so - dangerous when your life is in the hands of people who have not even the slightest idea what they are talking about

and thought - that was only for important people and that just did not happen

to be this snot nosed punk with - a very small edu - background

un fortuntly

he - wwas the ceo of

a billion dollar - hedge fund

not a tech star

a ceo - or whatever could just enjoy

this life - and not even know anything about it

you think - anyone can log onto yahoo and - write on its front page

the company was started with - 700 dollars

this is the illusion people are shooting for

with open source

that should - have mattered - _ ) - nothing gets spent - on cyber security -

it has to matter - the system is so - simple that -

all it takes is

not telling anyone

you still have to have a host to use it

yahoo is - under investigation - by the fbi - all the time ) same as the others - i dont know what kind i just know


are very very rude about

why - they -

manipulated otherpeoples


to - litterally get them in trouble

or - - before they could - evern read them

had already forwaded them to other sources and do not expect anyone to notice

if you get into the control panel - your going to be able to - read all the emails and modify them - as well _

that is - the - responsibility of the company

) to not - be - so - )

private about the fact they can

and dont because its wrong

it is not an open source company and - when a co - is thart large and somebody - is either so un supported in proper means or - is - that against is being waste

they really can pull the plug money is not everything

who is the company - somebody hires where is the simple - )

( professional - )


they -

are not responsible for somebody else s

stuff because -

all it was was an encryption of - a - few - dta bytes of space

) but that is not - what these people to for others

i get the impression people think

Wikipedia is - a - gov source

no its - a business i myself

am - about

because before their was - greed their was a cause

) and now their is not one

they have a host a control panel

it is not open source

it is a 50 million dollars

for about 100 people -

long gone job


i get the impression that - ) the level of - understanding would be that of somebody who is totally disconnected from - the past and how that becomes - )

( see - YOU _ can not hack it unless you - have it

they are totally - disconnected from how much data has been adding up because of their - pure - stupidity

that nobody else can see it

i think that is a pretty big leak i think

its - really - hurtful

to be - that - person who really was that stupid

that everything

you worked

on was a stolen


and - was from - somebody who just had the right idea before they do

and this happens


) please do not blame Russia

i have seen the way these people behave

- they do not -

they think its cyberspace

and it never was


the servers - crash because of - their cloning -

the - )

engines over and over again

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verizon is not going to buy a worthless group of people , yahoo as a brand all its founders have to walk way from - just does not have people - who have any _ - money - that - comes clear

what do they do with the money nothing - ) nothing - just nothing -

these people are not stupid - they could not handle - even a million bucks - properly not even close - you have no idea - how - no tech - verizon really is these are truck people

thatmay be why they are - interested

and the company has been sold - for - several years and you might read a dramatic blog about why people dont - exist and - how somebody is expected to just keep tlking not do anything

why by a company

somebody could - build in a week

if no people exist as relivant

who - owns it - really who owns that - list of domains - that cost about 3000 dollar a year to renew

( who has a soul aside for the reality that it just can not be much more then that

programs - that are in demand

) are - going to be undermined

by the fact their still feeding - the - dummines who they have no control over or - do they

what - was wrong with

caring about the fact its not really

their work


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put a - 10 dollar - ad in your smallest local news paper - _ - ) - tell them - _ ) its for a bottle of - holy water _ do you know - _ _ this has - )

1 - this is - what spiritual perfection - turns into - for people who are trained - to - hate - a drug - ) that is suggested to be - ) 100 timesmore powerful then 0 heroin and it really can not be - _ for most being to - this high is spirtual perfection if your trained to - ) know - your enemy to - _ exist just in the - flesh that - is what i see 0

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please dont - _ think everyone i s- perfect - _ and - - that ) the end is not real _ _ that is - when people are young - you see - _ im not willing to - risk my life anymore -

but that is - not the same - - as - making a - point about why

somebody was tought all wrong

do you understand

the ji had

) why your to almost want them killed

to be tought this way

what about somebody

who disregards the evidecne - because they already


poorly of you

wanted them dead

this flares those people


they want people to pay

for not caring about what things really say

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not one time no matter how much money raised - - was their a thanks or a call - or anything - I want to know - who ruined you life - because that is exactly why - the nick - name dead beat - works

its not - about the crimes these are people commiting class a offennses and do not even know- - what that is -

any amount of money over 10 thousand dollars

is a class a felony

so no matter what people think - im not going to put up with it i am totally ashmed of them

to not even - say - thank you im sorry we lost one - time

makes me think of them as the devil

every day

why - dead beats how - did you get so confused what else could you do

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i want to know why - you would not buy the painting from picasso himself - as - somebody on a time - warp - instead of buying it from a resale for 40 million -

i want to know why your not interested because i know you are in - his

1dollar canvas and - his time

i want to know

why people

are so selfish still

why did nobody - appear - intrigued by all those -

user of the - art - system

that - - people - worked

for hours on

when -

their was little monster

i want to know

why - somebody

would rather pay

40 million

dollars for something that is just a gross mes of capitlism

when you know

dam well


still me

most of the time

ibn - the - mix

you - know

dam well

these people are -


) and never see a penny

I want to know


suffering as abused

being paid

2.00 an hour for something

makes people -


when -

its been - thousands of hours



and a secret filing

of 20 dollars

an hour

on every minute

I want

to know

how people

in a world

i cared about so much


such a disgrace


YOU really need to deal with her on this

she dont

like man


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_ they dont give people anything - that is - why they are - so - un known - - no flowers no gifts nothing - no pay for work

look at my numbers guess how much im going to file for - 240 million hits

im going to file 7500 dollars

that is the truth in the real worl

it could be

a - 7 million dollar pay day for just me


this is not a game

that is what is going to happen

do to their greed

its silly

their are people involved not entitled to anything that is the truth 0- its a real crime when those numbers are millions

and their is no money - to proove it

that needs to do some jail time

the only people who - can - do this are themselves -

whatever happned to people i can assure you -

it wont be the same way )

because your - stealing somebody elses time all the time

to exist as this - fund

that - was soley based on somebody you would not pay a penny

and - its - really bad

because the sales

are - only - thousands

and the - filing was in the millions

and - that is not tolerable

your can not do this shit - who - turnedyou on to filing people as looses

when the time is - worth - ) something only to them

we are not - we

you - dont -

give anyone

any - tax forms

we dont have a dam thing


but their are so many of them ) who are - using - - their ruins as income how could you -

missit at the irs

they file


and dont have to spend any money to do that

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these people are so rude - that they would take all the money - - not tell you its incoperated to - go to nothing - because its actually in another stock

if they have no money - only - a looser could help them

and you will question if its legal

let me - tell you something

when - the only reason any one cares is

somebody is willing to work - for it

and that -

talks billion

then it talks millions

and - this

you think is common

do you - people really think

somebody just goes and spend

2 billion dollars

even on the best stock in the world

really -

you think

when they are showing

they buy

20 dollars worth

of shares

because somebody else buys

2000 dollars


so they can

crash the stock to take 200 you think

you - are going to be


on top of the world

because you refuse to speak to a single soul -

about why

nothing anyone said matters


it was called credit


that is what that is worth

( when - the reason it - 0

( takes that 2000 and multiplies it 3 times

to hurt somebody who is credit

that is 600 bucks

to pretend your theirs

and your - fund only has 20 bucks in it

think about it

maybe 6 maybe

9 clones

see that is how it works

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we do not like it - _ IT _ is - a pimp _ _ and we do not like it - _) _ you think - _ people have - _ money problem - they would snort 200 thousand bucks - of somebodines life up their nosse

35 % of a program worth - 4 dollar a month man - and then - ( YOU can - see all their money comes from live people

who - are used -

( their is - this - _ whole stock market you - want -

to _

be known as what the best

you - fool

you people traded

a billion dollaers for

petty cash

and enjoy my baby ill

till its dead its not ill its not even real


are just high -

all the time

and using -

the clone

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their are no profits - they shut down their advertising any rely on something else _) _ yahoo - why - - cant you come out of it - ) they close deals with out ever speaking to people

and still have a ceo who nobody can say works on anything about yahoo

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its the worste thing i have ever seen - _ i cannot beleive - people - would - be - _( it looks like an impeachment - ) - is - - in an impeachment hearning before hilory even gets theirs

300 judy garland - wizard of oz ruby shows - ) value - _ before - 2 million - reported stolen - insured for a million

) _ as a business - _ ( because i have seen that story before - ) and - know - they got - reportd stolen

at least - one of the pairs had )

i have seen this sotry in 5 years a total now of 3 times

thart people pay tickets to see premium arts

why _ _ appraised for - _ a million in perfect shape

see - _ false -


thousand dollars to raise money - for a pair of shoes that - last year was reported stolen you know

im not going away

its poor

those shoes - got reported stolen for insurance money

already -

are you all happy about the fact thatmeans

their wont be a president no matter who gets elected

this is the stuff - people - get impeached for

( i - thought it would be - more - about - the - jobs 0

( and the - people who have - good things to say

about either

) we dont know these people


( so that matters


and - their should have been - real testimony

that is more -

than- they show up for a day

and - buy us lunch and - give empathy

wont work

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small - crafts - _ nobody will - 0 _ know - what to expect untill it happens - to you - _ _ ) in - just - minutes - ) they are sunk - with out the power - to - move

what kind - of - - protest - could their be - - - against - a - ship _ _ that - ) just - sails -

and - keep s- an - eye on things -

a 10.5 billion dollar contract about these coast gaurd models

that is real nice - that their is just no budget at all

for why people should - care

that is real nice their was no budget at all

for stock

and that is real nice

people loose their jobs

over - being


pretentioius to why

that is - just to much money for something that is -

off - its time

their is no - way - people can use - such - an expensive - thing for that

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they are interested - in sopending - 3 billion dollars on battle ships - where - just - 3 million dollars canstop a war cold - _

they did not want it - _ they wanted - )_ those people of elfargo to be stopped cold by a real commander who knew

your out of your god dam minds to be thinking this way

just to get paid a littler sooner

andthis is the world - created by the internet -

where every body is getting their info and -

everyone - who is importnt is ignored


their has not been - but one shot

fired just for the fun of it

0 in - a decade


that is just not -

the way of the world anymore

it is a total loss

abnd their gratitude to society is just nothing

they have a job that is all

they care nothing - - about why

and nobody wants the stock -

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i do not want any comment their would be 0- thousands and thousand lead by a group trying to be - involved - - well - i know - their is nothing their to glamorize no - sites nothing its bullshit - I have a public co - that nbeed to file - ) for - what is

why people - would not even communicate with you if you invested thousands thats the attitude of they i think they sunk their own boats burn - down their own houses and just - have a fit

that is just not cool

your going to end up ) working for these people for no profits doing community services and just basically -

living - - a - divocred life where half of everything you do for a while goes to somebody you burn

nope he wont - pay himself a salary oon a loosing co refused it - would rather be on welfare then do that thinks - that is - just a waste of life

do something my way for once - seeing how its the only one - done that way explaing the loss - is so signifigent for this one person nobody else had to even bare any burdon

and - why -

in the end they have to start over

he don,t

3.4 million dollars and your not going to win it -

i am - thesepeople

dont know a thing

about money

and - wont be helpful

comparre millions

to nothing

fot ipo - advertsised on tv - now as -

i would be your spokesperson

do you realize why

these may be complete morons

and then somebody -

calls them on it



345 million dollars filed in 2007 with drawn market condictions


what can you do for the average invetos


350 dollars 1350 dollars 3500 dollars

under the conditions

of - -

needs -

that can vary if i loose your money


i havwe a return

of -

of 345 thousand percent per dollars

no - i do not beleive you

i do not beleive a word you say

and know


people are hired

to be written off

and - hurt

life wont be the same for people

the internet is not at all

where the moneyis

that man

has money

keeps it offline

your going to know who they are and this wont be a game of bookies

your going to know who the thieves are

and why


this is not about


real money its about


making pretend somebody gave away their right to exist

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isis - is being mixed - up - with the tech world - as their is a credit taker for all copy you know they get - every single hit first - its naturally in their post -

how that is handled - is - _ how - you - handle

people - - ) i thought isis was - a college _ credit 0


isis wil take credit for the loss as it appear

all these people who spend money on something so over priced their arenot jobs like that for them - -- _

that they

can take credit for the ignorance society has left them with


to cheap open sounrce software

the worlds peace - to be belittled to such a cheap

and sjhallow device


I know that is a choice people make

about it

your going to have to

go - join some men - who are not about it

because that will ruin you 0-

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Tuesday, October 18 2016

*************<>LKO<>******************THE WIZARD************************(NMLO<>{2016

*************<>LKO<>******************THE WIZARD************************(NMLO<>{2016
*************<>LKO<>******************THE WIZARD************************(NMLO<>{2016


your gone = ?I know - THE spirit is broken - i know its - fear - you could address me - here - no dear - just - here - to persist its - this life - insulted - by a miss

(what - your - stayed to - do - is - loose news - again and again - its - the blues - for fews on - time - its again

a frantic - stand about - lore - and more - pours about it - I cant have you - all - its fall -0

im - tall about to ball about this time in - deed - your - the feed of need and - that - doors closed its alll closed to exist as - bliss

hiss - _ - shes a miss - and - the diss - is - forever inside of me -

but - how free - its only me - you see i - - and the - _ cree - what - about -

she - and - i i lie - again its off - and the work - is - gone - laughs all about it - on - and off again its like a - muffles - an -cry - about me - for years pays - stays - and - cares more about prey - not pray - today - and - this cor - is - broken or do - you - care more about me - its me - you see and - who - was - it - calling again - back - to exist as mac - like - track - marks all over me when im - free - of it again i = am - the end


your gone = ?I know - THE spirit is broken - i know its - fear - you could adress me - here - no dear - just - here - to persist its - this life - insulted - by a miss

(what - your - stayed to - do - is - loose news - again and again - its - the blues - for fews on - time - its again

a frantic - stand about - lore - and more - pours about it - I cant have you - all - its fall -0

im - tall about to ball about this time in - deed - your - the feed of need and - that - doors closed its alll closed to exist as - bliss

hiss -

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*************<>LKO<>******************THE WIZARD************************(NMLO<>{2016 ><>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>><<<<